The best digital resources for finding your lost pet

People who have animals in their care may be torn between wanting to give them more freedom when they take them out for a walk and running away for fear of not doing so. Technology has made it possible for humans to quickly find their lost pets. And there is a great variety out there that can be useful for this.

identification chips

In Spain it is mandatory to have subcutaneous microchips on animals in our household. With these tools, there is a guarantee of who ‘owns’ the pet and allows its identification In case of loss, abandonment or theft.

Although identification chips are mandatory in the country, There are people who don’t put them in the animals they care for, which can make your search difficult. Because of this many dogs and cats end up in animal shelters.

Photos with animals are very diverse and your pet can be twice as many as any one of them.

gps trackers

Microchips can be of great help in finding lost pets, however, they do not allow them to trace the path and furthermore, they require equipment that usually only veterinarians would scan . For this reason, gps trackers They are an ideal option.

There are several brands that market this GPS technology designed for animals, such as Tractive, Muksan, Venect, TKMARS or Kippy, For example. Battery life is important to consider if we take long walks with our dogs (or cats).

It is recommended that you go to the vet.


While GPS-powered trackers are a good option, they tend to be expensive, and some companies even require customers to sign up for a paid plan. For those who don’t want to spend that much, there are Bluetooth trackers Pawscout.

The Pawscout brand specifically allows a person to scan a tag with their mobile. When you do this, you receive a notification This allows you to come into contact from dog to human.

A better known brand that can be used for this is Apple Tracker: airtag, With this device, people will be able to use their device to reach a radius of less than 10 meters from the animal.

Cat Flap is useful for cats, but can also be used with dogs.

Apps, social networks and websites

Thanks to the Internet, humans can even find their lost pet by posting a picture and a username or contact number. There are many Internet users who share publications and Spreading it increases the chance that anyone who has seen it will be able to tell you.

Beyond social networks and pages, there are applications that make it easier to find the people we love. some are Wizapet, Find Lost Pets or Tobby: Lost Pets.

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