The best European invention of 2022 is a Spanish battery that will slash the cost of electricity bills

Spain is celebrating as a team from the Polytechnic University of Madrid has been awarded in the category kick Radar Innovation Awards presented by the European Commission. the reason? These researchers carried out the Amadeus project, a battery model stores large amounts of energy from renewable sources.

is about One of the best inventions of 2022 Because the battery stores excess energy in the form of heat that is generated when wind and solar produce, thus, heat is used to heat a substance, Alejandro Datas (Professor and Researcher at the Solar Energy Institute of the Madrid Polytechnic University) indicates that “this award represents important support from the European Commission. We hope that the award will enable us to obtain additional funding to be able to build on the technology.” Will help in. Industrial scale”.

this innovation resides in a special container made of thermophotovoltaic plates and a system that recovers part of the energy when necessary. Likewise, scientists want users to be free of fossil fuels thanks to the Amadeus Project, and even intend to fight climate change.

The system economically stores large amounts of electricity for long periods of time, therefore, it uses this surplus generation to melt metals at temperatures above 1,000 degrees. Project Battery Could Provide clean and low cost energyTherefore, Datas confirms that it is excited “to see this type of activity as something significant at the European level.”

Amadeus Project Operations
Polytechnic University of Madrid

Vertical axis windmills take advantage of wind coming from any direction.

Origin of the project and its great economic benefits

Alejandro Datas wanted to reduce emissions and slow down climate change in some way, so, he started the Amadeus Project to store any kind of surplus energy as heat in batteries. convert it to electricity on demand, The initiative is defined as “putting the sun in a box” by converting the sun’s radiation into electricity to harness the energy.

Project minimizes cost to the maximumThat is, it goes from 400 euros to 10 euros for each kW/h stored in a lithium battery, the researchers explain. And as if that weren’t enough, it will allow higher power density to further reduce its cost.

how does heat storage work

To store energy inside a container, a group of researchers worked with silicon alloys Because on heating it goes from solid to liquid. This material was chosen because it is capable of operating at high temperatures, it is cheap and it is obtained from quartz.

As mentioned earlier, thermophotovoltaic panels are on the inside to recover part of the energy stored in the container and feed it to the electrical network. In addition, the Amadeus Project application This can be seen in homes, electric vehicle charging points, or wind or solar plants.

project amadeus
project amadeus
Polytechnic University of Madrid

They can be combined with commercial techniques.

future of the project

The Amadeus Project spans a decade of research, but currently, Prototype wants to be an industrial version Thank you for the support that has increased the resources of the project. “It is a recognition of more than ten years of work and effort to develop this technology” – says Datas – “It will allow us the visibility and access to the funds and resources we need to build these systems on an industrial scale.” need, which is what we want to do in the coming years”.

Scientist Haven’t yet determined what percentage of energy can be recoveredas they continue to search for the most suitable silicon alloy for reusing energy.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the Amadeus project was developed by two European associations that contributed six million euros to the research, the team members are looking for new investors to capture the final version of the idea, taking into account the award in the category kick of The European Commission did not provide any prize money.It is however a point in favor of obtaining the necessary financing.

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