The best scene from episode 8 of ‘House of the Dragon’ was drawn by Matt Smith

It looks like we have a nominee to take home the Emmy for Best Actor in 2023, thanks to Best Scene in Full Episode 8 of “House of the Dragon.”

new episode of dragon house took the audience into moments of emotion, Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik, producers and showrunners, have taken the liberty of adding drama to Whole House Targaryen and its members, created by George R.R. Martin, so that we can all stick to HBO Max on Sunday nights and talk people on Mondays . About what we saw at work or in schools.

Yesterday, Evan Michel was the great revelation as Amond “El Tuerto” for two moments: the crazy face he made when toasting Jacquaries (Harry Colette) and Lucerise (Elliot Griholt), and the rage that Piglet produced in front of him. had prepared the last meal which would be with the whole family. Remember that before subduing Vaghar his brother Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney) and his two nephews, Valerian, brought a farm pig with dragon wings to taunt him.

However, since Now we can give to Amy Paddy Considine for the excellent explanation of the king Viseries I, The first to his name, who brought prosperity to all of Westeros with his pacifist and anti-war policy for 26 years. If earlier we believed that he was unworthy, we now believe that he was the best thing that could have happened to the kingdom. The leprosy and rot that invaded his body were mere contagions of destiny to occupy the dreaded Iron Throne, thirsty for “fire and blood”.

His act of heroism, for which we give him the best of the season, is his last ascent to the throne, with the aid of his cane and the crown slipping from his head. That fall, until yesterday, we believed was a symbol that warned of the end of his kingdom, the arrival of Damon (Matt Smith, Support and reconciliation of the sons of Belon Targaryen. We went on until the moment Damon placed the crown on the sovereign of the entire continent for the last time.

Paddy Considine has already said goodbye to ‘House of the Dragon’

While we were filming, the crown fell off Paddy’s head, and Matt took it and continued acting. This was a great discovery, as it was the most extreme twist between the two characters and it ended the pilot where Damon was obsessed with his crown and never imagined that he could see his brother sit on the coveted throne and keep his crown. will help. On top of that,” director Geeta Patel told EW.

This improvisation prompted the production to remove an emotional speech. daemon during the famous dinner Where there was a dispute between Targaryen Pill and Valerian. This abandonment lasted longer than anything, however, as misfortune turned gold and was one of the best scenes in the entire series, not just the eighth. Our Middle Ages soap opera is getting more interesting two weeks before its finale.

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