The children of Hector Bonilla reveal the only concern with which the actor died

Despite the unfortunate news, the descendants of the first actor expressed their calm about the way their father left this world, and they said this during an interview on the program the sun rises,

“We are obviously very sad but also very calm because it was a farewell, a very smooth transition and, well, my father went through a lot and I think it was for the best. He had also received a cancer diagnosis before and at first it felt like something sudden and we had 4 years to enjoy it and prepare for the end for all of us including him”, explained Fernando.

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For his part, Sergio remembered the manner in which the artist had instructed him. “My father educated us by example. He was a determined, punctual man, he had a lot of my grandfather, whom we did not know, because he died when my father was very young, but My grandfather was a man of very strong character, a very disciplined man. […] By the way, my grandfather was the one who was born in Teela de Ocampo, my father was born in Mexico City, but most people have that information wrong,” he declared.

In turn, Sergio said: “My father was able to combine that tenacity and discipline with a very loving attitude towards his children and the whole world. […] He used to take care of his work, took care of his leisure and at the same time never shied away from his responsibilities. I think balance is what defines him the most.”

Rojo Amanesar Hector Bonilla actor passed away at the age of 83.
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Regarding the condition of his mother, Don Hector’s wife Sofia, Fernando said: “I wouldn’t dare to put words in her mouth, imagine, my mother and father were Siamese twins, they clung together all the time. What can I say about it that my father left peacefully, in many ways, I think there was nothing left for my father to do, without anything for anyone, he went away doing his homework The only concern my father had was that we didn’t leave my mother alone, this was the only thing that pained him and he kept repeating this to me […] I think he’s cool, I like how things happened, but the best way to respect my father is to love my mother.”

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