The Chilling Reason Why Chachita Didn’t Talk About Pedro the Infante After His Death

interrelationship Pedro Infante You Evita Munoz “Chachita” Overtakes the world of cinema. The two actors managed to forge a solid friendship after sharing credits in various films such as “We the Poor”, “You the Rich” and “Pepe El Toro”.

After the death of the interpreter “my dear“In a plane crash in 1957, the actress was highly sought after by the press, who wanted to know more about the life of one of the idols of that idol. The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, However, Evita chose to remain silent for more than 50 years.

Pedro Infante and “Chachita” established a great friendship. Photo: Special

This created many rumors in the entertainment world, it also attracted attention that “Chachita” did not attend the tribute which were created posthumously in honor of Pedro Infante, with whom he had an almost brotherly bond.

It was rumored that the Mazatlan singer may have abused the actress during the filming of three films in which they participated together; Even then, Eva Maria Munoz Ruizu never denied it. Furthermore, he repeatedly told the media that he chose not to talk about the actor, as his interviews always talked about him, which was exhausting.

It should be noted that “Chachita” also sought to avoid more gossip about the protagonist “two kinds of care”, so the actress died on August 23, 2016, without revealing that among her eldest friends. Who was one?

The actress died in 2016 without revealing information about the singer. Photo: Cuartoscoro

At her funeral, the press questioned the actress Irma Dorantis, who was Pedro Infante’s wife and also a great friend of Evita; There he denied the rumors of abuse and harassment happening around him.

He clarified that “Chachita” was deeply hurt by the singer’s death and that his silence was intended to avoid further speculation, and also agreed not to make any statements about his personal life.

Irma Dorantes was also a very good friend of Evita Munoz. Photo: Special

Although Irma broke the deal when she decided to launch her biographical book in which she would talk about her romance with the Cinnamon singer and actor, Evita maintained her silence.

Evita and Irma also formed a strong friendship, to the extent that “Chachita” Irma was Infante’s baptized godmother, the only daughter of Infante and Dorantes. The trio was also seen together at several events, which was a testament to the strong friendship between them.

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