The Chilling Stories That Inspired Disney Classics

Disney has nurtured literary works, fairy tales and folk tales, but its adaptations have distorted and distorted the original texts making them accessible to all audiences.

Many generations have enjoyed Disney’s animated films. We get excited about musical moments forest book, we get confused by the complicated paths of Alice in Wonderland, We experience torment with dangerous hooks Peter Pan, And we feel tenderness with many puppies 101 Dalmatians,

These stories aim to reward the audience with a smile and satisfaction at the end of the road. Even then, Disney movies have been very clever and ingenious in distorting their originsin kind the little MermaidWhere the moment described by Hans Christian Andersen in which the sea witch bites off the protagonist’s tongue is avoided.

Disney is considered by some to be an improvement on the original works (pinocchioFrom the novel by Carlo Collodi; The Lion King From small village by William Shakespeare) making them accessible to all audiences. Others feel that the primary texts have been “distorted” and justice has not been given in the adaptation. Whatever the case, here we review cases that chose not to show the creepy side of origin stories.

‘snow White’

Walt Disney Animation Studios

In the Brothers Grimm story, the queen orders a hunter to give Snow White’s lungs and liver. The hunter gives him the entrails of a pig and the queen eats them. Very close to David Cronenberg’s “body-horror,” this premise is hidden in the animated film. snow White and the Seven Dwarves,

The queen tries to kill Snow White with the poisoned apple. The dwarves put her body in a glass coffin where a prince finds her. As the coffin is being shaken, a piece of apple comes out of his throat and he wakes up, a disgusting sight that was overlooked Snow White and the HuntsmanStarring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron.


Walt Disney Animation Studios

In cinderella At Disney we see the persistent domestic abuse committed against the protagonist. In the Brothers Grimm version, the half-sisters try desperately to own the glass shoes. To fit the object, one of them cut off his toes, while the other decided to cut off his heel.

Despite being traumatized, both women hide their pain and manage to reconcile with the prince., but two pigeons warn him that they are not the real owners of the slippers. as if it was taken from a scene power station hey north man By Robert Eggers, Pigeons finally cast out half-sisters’ eyes as punishment for their wickedness.

‘sleeping Beauty’

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Although sleeping Beauty The first version of the story (1634) takes as a direct reference to the version written in 1697 by Charles Perrault—related to Giambattista Basil—a (married) king from another area arrives at the palace where the maiden lies; Realizing that she has been abandoned by her father and she is sleeping, he decides to rape her.

After the rape, the girl gave birth to two children. One of them sucks the girl’s finger, splashes it and thus wakes up. The king’s wife, learning of her husband’s infidelity, orders the two children to be captured and demands that they be cooked and eaten by her husband., In the purest style of extramarital affairs, ambition and revenge game of Thrones,


Walt Disney Animation Studios

In the original story – one of the stories that are part of Thousand and One Nights – Qasim (the father of) aladdin) finds an abundant treasure. However, his greed leads to his death; He is killed by the robbers. The fragmented parts are publicly displayed outside the cave where the treasure was located to deter future thieves.,

When Ali Baba learns of the terrifying warning sign, he collects his brother’s body parts. He enlists the slave Morgana and a tailor to reconstruct Kasim’s body to make it appear that he died of natural causes. A sad and bizarre scene that even Guy Ritchie didn’t show with his audacity in his version starring Will Smith.

‘beauty and the Beast’

Walt Disney Animation Studios

beauty and the Beast It is very faithful to the original story published by Jean-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in 1756 – although its origins are attributed to an earlier 1740 edition written by Gabriele-Suzanne Barbot. Even then, There is one detail, perhaps of little relevance, that the Disney version, both the animation and the live action version, omit.

The Beast only allows Belle to accompany her ailing father for 7 days. Two sisters of the girl are married to poor men. They, knowing of Belle’s luxurious lifestyle, try very hard to hold their sister back in the hope that the enraged beast will eat her alive upon her return. Why didn’t Bill Condon dare to feature this detail in his version starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans?

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