The CIA has invested in a biotech company to resurrect the woolly mammoth

Can you imagine Manny and Diego coming to life today from the movies of the Ice Age? Not far from science fiction, there is a company whose goal is to revive extinct animals.

The Intercept notes that Colossal Biosciences (the biotech company) “wants to see the woolly mammoth thunder over the tundra once again.” Power Will use advanced genetic sequencing In addition, they would combine the science of genetics with the business of searching for a way to reactivate the heartbeat, in order to revive the mammoth with the Tasmanian tiger.

To do this, colossal ‘CRISPR’ uses gene editing, a type of genetic engineering method based on natural DNA sequences. CRISPR sequences are present on their own in some bacterial cells and act as an immune defense mechanism, allowing the cell to detect and eliminate material that tries to invade.

On the other hand, the gene editing technology was designed to work in the same way, i.e. it allows users to Cut out unwanted genes and program a perfect version of genetic code.

CIA involvement

To make this project a reality, Colossal has enlisted a long list of high-profile financiers and investors such as Paris Hilton, Peter Thiel, Tony Robbins, Winklevoss Capital and even the CIA.

In-Q-Tel (CIA-funded non-profit venture capital firm) is interest in the resurrection of animalsTherefore, The Intercept indicates that he has invested $100,000 in the fund.

Adoption of this technology will enable US government agencies to read, write and edit genetic material from global biological events.

The size of In-Q-Tel’s stake in Colossal will not be known until the nonprofit publishes its financial statements next year.

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