The dangerous new fad of using AI to pass college: why you don’t want your future doctor doing the same

Productivity and creativity can be improved in many jobs thanks to artificial intelligence, While some view these techniques as job-killing systems, they can also be used for motivation, for example with alternatives such as DALL E 2, or to eliminate repetitive tasks.

Its developers think of the countless advantages that AI can provide when creating them, however, they can also be used in a negative way. As published by Motherboard, some students use advanced text generators such as GPT-3 OpenAI University to do academic work.

Pau García-Milla, known for his newsletter ‘n 1 minute’ and for talking about issues related to technology on social networks, has shared the study that talks about this topic. As shown in his video, works made by AI pass the plagiarism test and Some students have come to train him to imitate his way of writing And thus no one notices.

A biochemistry student on Reddit named @innovate_rye justifies motherboards by saying they are artificial intelligence especially “useful in simple tasks that involve long answers”, He recalls a worked example for which he used this technique to answer an exercise asking about five good and bad things about biotechnology: “I would send the AI ​​a question like ‘Biotechnology? What are five good and bad things about ?’ and that generated a response that gave me an A.”

The user assures that he does not always use artificial intelligence, but uses it only as a support for tasks that are not so important. ,I keep doing my homework on the things I need to learn in order to passI only use AI to take care of things I don’t want to do or that seem unimportant to me,” he says.

However, this does not mean that all students who use AI for their academic work will follow suit and this could be serious in professions that put our lives at stake, such as doctors or laboratory researchers. .

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Evidence demonstrating the use of AI for jobs

George Veletianos, holder of the Canada Research Chair in Learning and Innovative Technology and Associate Professor at Royal Roads University, has been commissioned to demonstrate that Text generated by GPT-3 is shown as original and not plagiarized. This means that the most highly trained algorithms are already able to create text from scratch, just as it is the case with DALL E 2, which is inspired by other illustrations but creates its own images.

The use of this technology can prevent students from learning the knowledge taught in careers (and also in primary or secondary education). Peter Laffin, a writing coach and founder of the personal tutoring program Crush the College Essay, states that these types of tools They only serve to pass, but they do not help in learning. Although students may graduate with AI, what they studied will not get them a job if they don’t learn during their academic years.

Dive is already used in hospitals.

The development of the Spanish AI that generates texts

Although it is known that there are students who use GPT-3 for their academic work, which texts are more reliable in AI English. Spain has its own text generating platform called, created by Jesús Rivas It aims to save 80% of users’ time And thus increase your productivity.

Spanish is trained with AI Internet parameters over 175 trillion And is able to create original text in Spanish. Will be the GPT-3 for which the laziest Spanish-speaking students do their academic work? Let’s hope not and that they use it responsibly for the reasons Peter Laffin has stated and discussed above.

Although AI can be used to avoid performing tasks that require learning, they can also be very useful, so putting off developing them is not an option. In the case of, Rivas details that they have “many templates tailored to the specific needs of community managers why copywriters“, so if you were planning on using it for medical work, you may be disappointed.

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