The dark and eerie place where Lady Di is truly buried

brother of Princess DianaCharles Spencer, recently shared on social networks a picture of the house and the place where the remains are kept lady di’sCausing uproar among the public, Since this place looks quite deserted and eerie.

Where was Princess Diana buried?

the same loneliness that was with him Princess Diana During the last years of his life, this is what now surrounds his grave, as no one lives on the property nor do they often visit his grave.

after the horrific accident Princess Diana On 31 August 1997, his remains were buried in the same house where he had lived as a child. Althorp House,

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Althorp House. Photo: Instagram

The house where Lady Dee grew up is where she rests

An estate built in 1508 by the patriarch of the Spencer family, Sir John Spencer, a sheep farmer, who is said to have built the mansion thinking that his grandchildren would inherit it as a symbol of their social status , because they belonged to the nobility and were close to the royal family of King James I of England.

To Princess Diana She loved her gardens and hid in the bushes like a nymph, apart from lying on the estate’s grass, so she always wanted to go back to live in the same house where she grew up and that’s why she asked Life Happen buried there after his death,

Lady Di's Tomb
Lady Di’s Tomb. Photo: Instagram

Fans scared of Princess Diana’s grave

they are brother charles He was the one who was in charge of carrying out his sister’s last wish and interred her remains with their father’s, publishing photographs of his grave from time to time on his Instagram account so that his fans could learn more about his legacy. Stay updated in ,

However, on this occasion, attention has been drawn to the fact that how deserted and empty the place which used to make people happy looks. lady diBecause it seems that his children and relatives are not visiting him frequently.

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