The darkest secret Prince Harry has revealed about his brother William and King Carlos III

Prince Harry reveals his family secret

Prince Harry has been a trend after premiering the documentary of his life with his wife, Meghan Markle, in which he made several revelations that upset the British royal family, such as his father, the new King Carlos III, and his brother Prince William who is angry with the Duke of Sussex.

During these three episodes of the documentary, Harry and Meghan Markle reveal how they met, what life was like for their children after Lady Di’s death and why they decided to leave the UK, but now it has been leaked The new trailer for the second part has William and Carlos III furious and we’ll tell you why.

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In a preview of the second part, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will reveal secrets such as their wedding day, but Harry’s brother and father are angry as they claim they were “happy to lie to protect William”. Referring to the fact that she only defended her brother after a scandal regardless of the threats Meghan Markle was receiving, assuring that King Carlos III has preferences for Prince William.

Prince Harry’s disapproval by Charles III

There is much talk that King Carlos III refused to speak with his own son Harry, and it is said that the latter repeatedly sought out his grandmother after relinquishing his royal title, much to his father’s disapproval. , but Raja said that he only spoke to her to ask for money and sent her an important message saying “I am not the bank.”

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