The day Thalía confessed she was Fernando Colunga’s girlfriend during the filming of ‘Maria la del barrio’

In the mid-1990s, one of the telenovelas that would form part of the ‘Marias’ trilogy premiered. For this melodrama, the participation of Thalia, The singer also shared a lead role with Fernando Colunga In ‘Maria from the neighborhood’it was only during filming This telenovela than actress confessed what was it friend de Colunga, a romance that lasted some years.

It was during the 90s, that Thalia why Fernando Colunga They became two of the telenovela actors who showed great chemistry in front of the screen, this good relationship was carried behind the screen. ‘Maria from the neighborhood’, it is telenovela This brought them together a lot, thus they both decided to give love a chance and make the romance rumors come true.

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