The day Thalia “planted” Memo Ochoa and asked him to marry her. Photo

Mexico’s participation in qatar world cup 2022 With a bittersweet taste, as some of the ‘tri’ players had outstanding performances, such as goalkeeper Guillermo.memo, ochoawho has participated in the World Championships as a starter, has shone with the national team shirt to such an extent that on one occasion Thalia was captivated by his skills and had no choice but to propose to him was not.

first win in Queue For Mexico East Saudi Arab, but it was too late. Despite getting the same number of points, the national team was eliminated from the competition. polandadvanced to the next round at the hands of Argentina, Criticism of the players was not long in coming, although no doubt one of those who survived Memo OchoaWho have had excellent participation in the last World Cup.

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