The death of the film actor on the wedding night, where Ludvika Paleta takes part

In Oaxaca, an actor who participated in the filming of the film wedding nightwhere they attend Osvaldo Benavidez You Ludwick’s Palettedied after being swept away by a wave on a beach in the municipality San Miguel del PuertoWhile another is missing, confirmed State Coordination of Civil Defense of Oaxaca (CEPCO.),

They are 47-year-old Luis Manuel Gutierrez Saldana and 46-year-old Marco Antonio Curiel Perez, who were swept away by a wave that killed them after hitting a cliff, while another is missing. Secretary of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar),

The institutes confirmed that the strong waves were caused by meteorological events generated in the region by the tropical storm. Karl Due to which the artist got caught in the current.

It was established that before the accident, part of a group of people who took part in the filming of the soap opera had gone to the beach. majhual In San Miguel del Puerto and decided to swim in the open sea.

However, three of them were washed away in the waves and only one was rescued while the hunt for the other actor is on.

According to officials, 46-year-old Marco Antonio Curiel Perez was an actor who was hired as an extra for the film. wedding night, which has as its setting the Paradisiacal Bahias de Huatulco.

producer of wedding night remorse of death

the creator traziende moviesThe actor in charge of the project, directed by Osvaldo Benavides, mourned the death of actor Marco Antonio Curiel and sent Condolences to his family.

“Three of our colleagues belonging to the additional cast decided to take advantage of their day off to go to a beach where, moments later, due to the strong waves in the area, it was impossible for them to get out. The sea itself , triggering a horrific incident where one of them lost his life, while the other, is currently missing,” he said in a statement.

The statement mentions a third member of the filming who was with the other actors, fortunately is safe and sound, but is dismayed by the situation.



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