The death of the participant of “La Voz Mexico” that shook Yuri

It was in 2014 when the twins Lisbeth and Lisbeth Gonzalez auditioned to be a part of “Voice of Mexico” In its fourth season, his voice managed to captivate Ricky Martin, Julian Alvarez, Laura Pausini and Yurique Who were the four coaches of that time?

twins in the end gonzalez decided to choose yuri As their coach on this new adventure, despite the fact that he was not the winner of this edition, his popularity soared to such an extent that he had several appearances and when he went to one of them he had one. was The fatal accident that ended the life of one of the twins.

muere lisbeth gonzalezzo

was January 31, 2015 When twins and their parents were traveling for a presentationit was around 3:39 am when Tweeted by Liseth Where she stated that they were already leaving for their presentation and that they were driving down the street, however, the reason for curiosity was that this twin expressed a fear of traveling at this time.

exactly forty minutes later Lizeth After starting the tweet, they ran into a pothole on the road, causing the car in which the twins and their parents were traveling overturned.

in an accident lisbeth She was thrown from the car and immediately lost her life at Somersault, while her twins Lizeth And his parents were only injured and injured but survived the fatal accident.

Yuri trembles and goes to his last goodbye

news of death lisbeth gonzalezzoshocked the followers of “Voice of Mexico”, But without a doubt, yuri and team mates Gonzalez Twins He was most impressed, so he did not hesitate to accompany the young woman in her final goodbye.

Due to the above, yuri met at the cemetery where they would say their final goodbyes lisbeth gonzalezzo at its core guaymas, sonora And amidst songs, applause and white balloons, he said goodbye to the girl.

in addition to the following Yuri, Ricky Martin He also joined the family’s grief as he sent a message through his social network addressed to the deceased young woman, whom he remembered fondly.

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