The designers of Lady Di’s wedding dress thought it was a joke

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Lady Deu She was a style icon ahead of her time with an unforgettable and very original look. Her wedding dress is one of the most historic pieces for British royals and is just as elegant, mysterious and unique as the so-called “princess”.

Everyone expected it to be made by big-name designers; However, Diana chose a very talented but little-known couple: Elizabeth and David Emmanuel. One day Princess Diana called him and took time with him to wear some clothes that he liked from her collection and Shortly after she received an invitation to create the most important piece in her life: the wedding dress with which she would arrive at the altar to become the wife of the heir to the British throne.

It was a huge responsibility, an outfit that millions of people around the world would see and comment on for eternity. David Emmanuel, one of the designers, noted that for him the project was “exciting, overwhelming, creative and a real privilege”.

The design process was fairly simple, she says, as it was a mix of creative ideas that began by showing Diana the clothes she had and encouraging her to think about what lines she felt comfortable with. She had never worn anything like this so it was very important that she try other options.

She was so excited, she explains, to wear a Maximalist piece and enjoyed every moment of the process. “It was a fun time for the three of us, Diana was in a great mood”He mentioned.

She finally chose a large dress with large shoulder pads, a tied waist, a very large romantic skirt and a long, very long veil that became an icon among brides. It was a difficult moment as they had to keep quiet during the months of production as the press was even looking for clues about Princess Diana’s wedding dress in her trash can. They kept clothes and drawings as traps to distract attention.

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