The despicable humiliation that Camellia suffered at the hands of Queen Elizabeth II will never be forgotten

Almost two months have passed since the whole world was shaken by the news that the monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth III had passed away at the age of 96, as confirmed Buckingham Palace Through a statement that immediately became international knowledge.

After the announcement of the death of the queen, her son Charles III Buckingham Palace issued a brief statement via broadcast, as following the monarch’s death, Charles of Wales became the face of the head of state of the United Kingdom and is now accompanied by a new lady who is in the mandate of royalty. Camilla of Cornwall, One who ascends to become queen consort.

Cornwall’s Camilla and her complicated rapprochement with royalty

One of the biggest worldwide controversies of royalty is surrounding the new Queen Consort of England, who is one of the least-loved figures by the British and has been reflected by the same on more than one occasion. . family Real.

This is due to the controversy over the love lives of these two new figures in command, as it must be remembered that the new emperor is the father of the princes. guillermo You EnriqueThe fruit of his marriage to Diana, the famous Princess of Wales, one of the most beloved figures in the history of the Crown. However, it is in this story where he enters CamillaWhich reportedly always interfered with the love between Diana and Carlos, it has been since the two met at a polo match in 1970. It is noteworthy that Carlos and Camilla have been a couple informally formed for more than four decades, but the marriage was confirmed in 2005. ,

Camilla and Carlos were a casual couple for a long time. Photo: Special

Now both are sitting on the throne, the truth is that before Elizabeth II’s “blessing” in her marriage, only 20 percent of the population in England accepted the idea. Camilla became queen, a position that is now a reality after the royal defeat.

In this sense, the memory of imagined rudeness that camellia Suffering from the late queen, who also suffered many humiliations to her daughter-in-law, as neither Diana nor Elizabeth II accepted the idea that Camilla was Carlos’ lover, in this respect, the princess. margaritaOne who was now sympathetic to the new king had tried to mediate with his sister on his behalf, without success, as Isabel had refused to even meet or talk about Camilla.

Tired of the situation and disapproval of the woman he loved, Carlos decided to talk to his mother, whom he asked to be soft about his hatred, as he was willing to have a relationship with Camilla without hiding it. was.

However, Isabel was angry and, as opposed to being soft, she was harsh with Camilla, and it is also known that she did not allow Carlos’s then-boyfriend to be present in the same room, however, if she was often her ex-husband. was welcomed by the current queen consort, Andrew Parker Bowles.


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