The disease that ended the life of the daughter of Rocio Sanchez Azuara

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Rocio Sanchez Azura There was a serious setback in 2019 when His daughter’s illness ended his life After suffering from it for two decades. Daniela Santiago Sánchez was diagnosed when she was barely twelve years old and for a long time she struggled to survive, but eventually died and the driver revealed it to her on her social network.

Through his official Instagram account, Rocío Sánchez Azuara saddened his followers by sharing An image of his daughter with whom he announced his unfortunate death, At that time, mates, friends and fans gathered in their comments section to drop their deepest condolences in the middle of the show.

,It’s so hard to see that you’re goneKnowing that you will never be with me again, that your smile may remain in my memory, that your voice may remain in my heart, but in spite of the great pain that your absence gives me, I bet you are already resting and thank you for your love always. Today God wants you to be in peace by your side Daniela Santiago Sanchez,” the driver wrote in September 2019.

This is the disease that ended the life of Rocio Sanchez Azura’s daughter

Daniela Santiago Sánchez was the only daughter of three children in the total Rocio Sánchez Azuara and For more than 20 years he battled a dreadful disease which took his life on September 23, 2019, Since then, Driver has devoted himself to sharing sentimental phrases dedicated to the “angel in heaven.”

Rocio Sanchez Azuara has been very open about the condition that her daughter has been suffering from for more than two decades and has spoken in various interviews about the illness that took her away from Daniela. ,I know the pain will always be presentBut I have to live the process and I do it every day”, he revealed on one occasion.

In addition, in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, he spoke in more detail about his daughter’s illness, we learn that he was suffering. systemic lupus, ,It was the most dangerous which attacks on you all the main body parts”, he remarked to the journalist.

After Daniela Santiago Sánchez battled lupus for 20 years, in mid-2019 he was immediately hospitalized after suffering heart failure. The girl’s kidney had stopped working. and then found out he had a bad heart,

Rocío Sánchez Azuara’s daughter urgently needed a kidney transplant, but this was not a problem because she already had a donor. His condition was affected when he was infected with a bacterium he had gotten through the catheter,

After that and shortly before her death, the daughter of the presenter had to live with extreme precautions: “had to live in a bubbleIf you have the flu, you cannot, and should not, have any symptoms that may be contagious. Their feed should be special. You cannot keep such a person in a contaminated place,” he revealed.

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