The father of a member of the winning group died, who is he? details are here

the winner is a Kpop group formed in 2014 by the agency YG Entertainmenthas four male members, which are: “Jinwoo”, Seonghoon”, “Mino” why «Sanghyun», Initially the group had 5 members, but, Taehyung I left the group on November 25, 2016 due to health problems that I was experiencing at the time.

singer group known as the winner as Mino, He was born on March 30, 1992 and has been in the Kpop industry for more than a decade, in his life he has also participated in several TV shows, which are: «The Strongest K-POP Survival” And “show me the money 4» Being a finalist in this ultimate event, thus being one of the most successful participants.

Today, November 21, it was announced that the father artist had passed awayThe news was announced by the media through an official statement which says the following:

“father of a member of the winner, MINHO, died on 21 november, MINHO He is currently at the funeral home with his entire family, and the funeral will be held in complete privacy, with only very close family and friends in attendance. The last rites will be held on 23 November., rest in peace,

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