The first images of Pike with Clara Chia after reaching a deal with Shakira

forty eight hours later Gerard Piqué and Shakira reached an agreement regarding the custody of their two children, the football player. Clara reappeared with Chia, He also did it in an appointment with great meaning for both of them: an event at Kosmos, the company of the former football player in which his current teammate also works, this Thursday afternoon in Barcelona. So far they have not attended any public events together, but now that the former FC Barcelona player has started a new stage in all aspects, they have taken another step. Amid high expectations and in a car driven by the former athlete, they arrived at the event which was also attended by Ibai Lanos.

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,This is the impressive house in Barcelona that Shakira and Gerard Piqué may soon sell

-Pike’s words in his farewell to Barca that now take on another meaning

Initially they entered a nearby car park, but a few minutes later they left it and Picky drove with his vehicle to the door of the campus where the event was being held, near Clara. He has gone to the park and shortly afterwards he agrees to the act of walking alone. Leaving the parking lot wearing sweatpants and a short-sleeved T-shirt, Many fans were waiting for him, for whom he has been giving autographs and also the media to whom he has remained silent. Gerard’s parents, Joan Pique and the Montserrat Bernabeu, also did not miss the event.

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With this appearance it seems clear that Clara Chia has become a seminal piece for the former athlete in recent months, who spends her first days away from professional football after two decades devoted to the competition. The 23-year-old was also by Pique’s side last Saturday, when she experienced one of those days that will forever be in her memory as she said goodbye to the pitches at Camp Nou. An emotional farewell followed carefully from the stands, while little Milan and Sasha walked the pitch with their father. After the act, and with the stadium already empty, Gerard and his teammates showed a very affectionate attitude.

It is expected that the children will set up their residence in Miami with Shakira in the coming months, as agreed with the singer this week, five months after their separation. Picky will be able to enjoy ten days a month traveling to the United States with his kids or traveling to Spain or any other destination with them. During the holiday period included in the American school calendar, he will also be able to be with Milan and Sasha, while in the summer he and the singer will share their time, with Gerard having a greater percentage of children to enjoy with.

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His business and his future presidency of Barca?

The outline of Pick’s future off the pitch is yet to be finalized, but it is expected that he will turn to his own business. It should be remembered that he manages his sports initiatives through Cosmos Holding, he also owns FC Andorra, a new eSports team with Ibai Llanos, to compete in the next League of Legends video game Super League, his Paas has a company dedicated to the real estate business, with Carles Puyol a brand of sunglasses and another brand of isotonic drinks. Without the obligations of being part of a First Division team, he wants to do many things. Football has always been his life and he wants to maintain that relationship. In fact, he does not rule out later assuming the presidency of FC Barcelona, ​​as he wants to help the club “use all its potential.”

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