The first taxi drone for people will take to the skies, taking advantage of the World Cup in Qatar

The 2022 Men’s Soccer World Cup in Qatar seems to be leading to one controversy after another. Despite this, preparations are going on and technology will be the main protagonist At big sporting events.

Among the technical displays seen at the World Cup, the opening flight of the first drone to transport people from the Vertiport to the stadium stood out. unmanned vehicles are called eVolt (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) and is developed by Impact Strategy, which is specialized in artificial intelligence and Globalvia Group.

The aim of these drones is to reduce the pollution, traffic and travel time that can result from a sports festival by more common means of transport. “The aircraft, in the absence of certain confirmation from the organization, They will fly between an altitude of 800 and 1,000 meters with a maximum of two passengers on board – says Humberto de Cal, Managing Partner of Impact Strategy. They can lift up to 1,000 kg and navigate thanks to radio frequency technology and the Internet.”

The EVOLT will travel at altitudes between 800 and 1,000 metres, carrying two passengers per flight.
The EVOLT will travel at altitudes between 800 and 1,000 metres, carrying two passengers per flight.
impact strategy

According to de Cal, the website will only be available on Vertiports to download the routes in order to avoid the possibility of hacking. Nothing else would need a signal, because The average duration of trips will be five minutes And, in that time, users won’t miss being connected.

The battery in an eVTOL would be the same as in an electric vehicle, but it charges faster, so they last longer. In addition, its developers have designed the drone two backup batteries It will activate only when the normal working stop.

Thanks to Impact Strategy, eVTOLs have a remarkable technology based on artificial intelligence. Unmanned aerial vehicles have big data systems They analyze routes, meteorology, time and distance covered.

They also 'give' to idols.

Although eVOLTs are unmanned, they are controlled from the ground, at least 10 managers To ensure that the operation is as indicated.

Passengers will be able to book their trips to the States from an app called NextNorth, which controls all phases of the De Cal “flight, including the part before takeoff, i.e. arrival at Vertiport”. To make sure whoever made the reservation is going to board”.

However, this type of travel is not among the cheapest options A ticket will cost 3,000 euros. The ‘justification’ for this cost may be that this is a technology that is just starting to be implemented and passengers riding during the World Cup can claim to be the first to do so.

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