The fleeting success and madness of Canadian actor Ryan Grantham, who dreamed of killing Justin Trudeau and murdering his mother

Ryan sentenced to life imprisonment

Ryan Grantham, known to play Jeffrey Augustine In riverdale, A few days ago it was reported in the international media that after a lengthy legal process, he was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver. murder of his mother.

And it is that the 24-year-old went from profiling himself as one of the most promising Canadian actors in the entertainment industry to the entire world’s lips not only because of his guilt, but also because The intention was that they had to end Justin Trudeau’s life, Canadian Prime Minister.

To talk about Grantham, we have to go back to his childhood, as he managed to enter the world of acting as a child in projects like. the secret of the pliers (2007) O divine (2008). The young man had come to take part in films like Christmas With Friends: In Search of Santa Cane ,2009) And with the passage of time he managed to place himself in the acclaimed series of Riverdale (2019) in which he will collaborate with world class stars like Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart.

but in 2020 The situation will take a drastic turn, because on March 31 of the same year, Ryan Grantham brutally ended his mother’s life.

It was Judge Kathleen Kerr who, during the final hearing on September 20 – where she issued the verdict – revealed that the case was tragic and gave few details about the events.

according to him woman’s testimony, Picked up by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC News), the crime may have taken place at the residence of Grantham’s mother, Mrs. Barbara White, in Squamish.

actor is in jail
actor is in jail

There the young man shot his mother in the head with a .22 rifle while she was calmly playing the piano. Later, the actor used the camera go pro To record a four-minute clip in which he made his confession and showed the body of his mother.

“I shot him in the neck. Moments later, he’ll know it’s me,” said the young man. in the video, According to BBC.

At the same hearing it was revealed that Ryan was a veteran shooter and had a weapon under his property. Similarly, it was reported that a few days before the murder, he was practicing how he would carry out the massacre.

The matter did not end here, from the very next day after the murder, Grantham covered the dead body with a sheet, lit some candles around it and Hanged a garland on the piano.

Actor after leaving the house where his mother’s body was found riverdale Left in a car bound for Ottawa. The vehicle he was in was loaded with three firearmsmolotov cocktail, Ammunition, camp supplies and a map containing information on the location of Justin Trudeau’s home.

Ryan Grantham considered starting a shootout (Photo: by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)
Ryan Grantham considered starting a shootout (Photo: by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

At the time, Grantham was 21, but he initially preferred to head to Hope, where he discussed the idea of ​​starting one. Mass shooting against Simon Fraser University In which he was a student, he thought of doing the same as another option, but on the Lions Gate Bridge.

Fortunately, the young man committed none of these acts and did not go looking for the prime minister; instead, he went to the Vancouver Police Department in East Vancouver and This is where he finally gave himself up.

The actor, who would not be able to count on parole for the first 14 years of his sentence following his life imprisonment, was remorseful during the trial.

“I cannot explain or justify my actions. I have no excuse. It hurts me to think how much I’ve wasted my life, In the face of such a terrible thing, how useless it seems to be apologizing. But out of every bit of my being, I’m sorry,” he noted during the last day of his hearing, according to CBC.

information received by abc He notes that Lisa, Grantham’s sister, was the one who found her mother’s dormant body and was dismayed to learn that a member of her family was a threat.

The actor was part of the series Rivardell (Photo: FILE)
The actor was part of the series Rivardell (Photo: FILE)

“She was weak and Ryan didn’t give him a chance to defend himself., I’m sad to learn that he was a threat to his life”, the woman would have remarked, in addition to pointing out that both she and her aunt feared the artist would break out of prison.

Chris Johnson – according to what was mentioned by Grantham’s lawyer – the young man would be suffering from depression and other psychosocial disorders, which apparently influenced the murder committed by the actor against his mother.

“At the time of the offence, this killing was not done out of hatred or enmity, it was done to prevent him in the disorderly thinking of Sri Grantham. Her mother saw what she was thinking about what she was about to do.”Pointed to the plaintiff before the courts.

Similarly, the defense of the accused pointed out that before taking the decision, it should also be considered that the youth, who was 21 years of age at that time, did not have a criminal record and surrendered himself to the authorities. For his part, Grantham mentioned during his time on the stand that he has dealt with his mental health responsibly during his time in solitude.

“Someday, if I ever get out of jail, I look forward to continuing on this path of improving myself“, He added.

After the sentencing, Judge Kathleen Kerr said that Grantham had indeed gone through a “downward spiral” before killing her mother. The authority’s representative said that, in addition to the youth’s mental health status before committing the crime, another factor that could have influenced was that Ryan used cannabis more frequently and watched violent videos on the Internet. deep Web.

Days after the sentencing against Ryan Grantham and he was denied his liberty, lawyer Chris Johnson gave an interview Fox News where he showed his concern that the young man may be sexually abusedAccording to the plaintiffs, the judge in the case would have requested that Grantham be transferred to a medium security prison.

“When people plead guilty to a crime, it does not mean that they are saying: ‘Absolutely, I will be raped and abused by other prisoners’, It is not part of the deal. My biggest worry is that other prisoners will take advantage of this and probably abuse her. We send people to jail for punishment and rehabilitation. So I expect the latter to be possible. We don’t send people to jail, so they can only be punished by other prisoners”, said Johnson.

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