The future of football: watch matches as if they were a video game from the mobile app

Digital transformation in sport began to develop with greater speed about a decade ago, but its application has grown stronger over the past five years and the process has accelerated after the 2020 pandemic.

“Sports institutions were much needed Connect with you digitally fan and to new sources of incomeThis is due to the limited capacity in the stadiums,” explains Rafael Conde del Pojo, Director of Digital and Innovation at SoftTech EMEA, a company that recently signed a significant deal with Real Madrid for 20BITS.

While the expert cannot tell us in detail about the alliance with the team, he does tell us about the importance of technology in four key areas of the sporting world: team performance (economic part), fan engagement (personal user experience), the operational excellence (Ticketing, salesbroadcast, digital content…) and Technical optimization of physical spaces,

In addition to the need for clubs to generate new sources of income, it should be noted that young fans have different consumption habits. According to Conde, “their way of looking at the game is Closely connected to social networks and mobile devices“And video games have made them accustomed to being at hand Statistics can be consulted in matches And they want to see him in real life matches too.

The pandemic reduced capacity in stadiums and encouraged teams to engage more with fans at home.
The pandemic reduced capacity in stadiums and encouraged teams to engage more with fans at home.
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Through technology, sports institutions can understand the whole mass fan to them, how they relate to the club and thus, Provide them with highly personalized experiences that can be monetized, Conde exemplifies this differential experience with the possibility that fan can watch sports by wearing a mobile application: “We can offer this statistics, additional materialaccess to performance information of players, predictions How is the game going to develop…

Fans’ reaction to the technical changes

As the softtech experts point out, the technical excitement they provide in collaboration with sports entities is very well received by fan, “The vast majority of the public is demanding things in sports that they already have in other areas,” says Conde. We are talking about a public that interacts a lot on social networks, Which calls for content to be presented in a different way and that comes from the world of video games, where you see additional data that was not yet offered when watching an actual match”.

Users cannot accept the transfer of data to third parties.

However, remember that there is also a less technical sports fan area. They are not following the fast pace of these new devices, but Conde believes that “they will gradually adapt.”

Through SoftTech’s deal with Real Madrid, they hope to be able to market themselves “and reach a number of areas where the team is well known.” In addition, the SoftTech professional details that the agreement is also positive for Real Madrid, as Helps them “improve their engagement strategy with fans” Thanks for the technical tools”.

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