The ‘Golden Cinema’ actress made life impossible for Leticia Calderon and now the world is mourning her departure

they shone together in the 90s

One of the most feared villains of telenovela “Valeria and Maximiliano”Starring Lily Calderón and Juan Ferrara, leaves this world today due to a terrible health complication she’s been fighting for weeks. The unforgettable actress passes away this December 3 As one of the most important figures for Mexico, Latin America and the world.

Gina Romand, “Class Blonde”

The words that her relatives and friends have written for her through social networks have been moving on to being “light” and great “angel”, characterized by the blonde, continuous words in each message.

More news about Leticia Calderón:

sensitive lines dedicated to his mother, his children Gina and Gabriel VarelaHas been shared on social networks by thousands of people.

soap opera where gina romand flashed with lily calderone

“Valeria y Maximiliano” is the title of the telenovela where Lily Calderón participated as the lead actress. Leticia herself has declared that it was an honor for her to be able to share credits with such an important Mexican film artist, as she was able to learn a lot from him and establish a beautiful friendship that never ended. in the history, Gina dressed as a tough lady, which caused great suffering to his daughter and the protagonist of the melodrama; However, her great work won the public acclaim as “Mercedes de Ramos”.

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