The Government Will Open a Data Center in Burgos to Stop the Basis of Big Tech

Burgos Spain is the city chosen for the government’s next data center. As they have been able to learn in Vojpopuli, it is a project of the Royal Mint (RCM) that aims to provide digital services to the Spanish public administration from municipalities to ministries and other entities.

Burgos data center will allow the government Rely less on foreign big tech, such as Amazon or Google, which are major providers of cloud storage. The choice of this Castilian-Leon municipality is due to the fact that it is a safe, isolated area with low temperatures for most of the year, ideal for the proper functioning of one. data center,

Industry sources who spoke with Vojpopulli assured that “it makes perfect sense that critical services are placed in the state cloud, controlled by our country and with its facilities in Spain.” CPD (Data Processing Center) will connect to Madrid Through fiber optics and these connections are currently being made.

through fiber optics, data center De Burgos will be in communication with the national headquarters of the National Currency and Stamp Factory located in Madrid. total for this project €4.7 million Intended for RCM and sources define it as “features that will contain more modern technologies”.

Malware is the most common cyber security incident in Spain.

Importance of data center cooling

As we have already mentioned, the importance of temperature in DPC is critical for data storage in the cloud. Sources who spoke with Vozpopuli confirm that “The energy bill is too high In this type of installation” to maintain good cooling.

While the temperature outside Burgo up to 25 °C, this energy expenditure can be eliminated. However, if there are more degrees, then energy must be used and for this the government intends to install solar panels.

The first quantum computer could be available in 2025.

When will Burgos Data Center go live?

The National Currency and Stamp Factory predicts that the cloud will form for the Spanish Public Administration In the second half of 2023, Although they admit that it will not be fully operational, but will only offer certain services.

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