The Heartbreaking Song Juan Gabriel Dedicated To His Mother And It Wasn’t “Eternal Love”

The sad song that Juan Gabriel dedicated to his mother

Juan Gabriel was one of the most beloved singers and songwriters in Mexico, having an elaborate repertoire full of hits that captured a bit of his life, we know Divo de Juárez was a happy man who spent his career. Enjoyed and showed it to his shows despite his difficult past which was due to the abandonment of his parents.

It is said that Juan Gabriel was inspired to compose his songs on the special people in his life and around him, as he was very generous and many artists composed songs that brought him success. Miley, however, is a heartwarming and sad creation of Juanaga dedicated to her mother, Victoria Valdez Rojas, who abandoned her in an orphanage when she was very young.

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After the tragic end of Juan Gabriel he died

Many of us think that the theme of “Eternal Love” was dedicated to her mother after her death, but it was not, it is the heart-wrenching success of “Hasta Que Te Conosi” where Juan Gabriel did all that. expressed resentment and pain he kept for his mother after her abandonment and lack of affection and affection, however, Divo de Juárez, despite his past, was always a good son and even gave him that home. Bought what he had promised his mother.

To whom did you dedicate “eternal love”?

As we have already said, we all thought that Juan Gabriel’s composition “Eternal Love” was dedicated to his mother after she lost her life, however, her former representative Joaquín Muoz assured that the song Was dedicated to one of his former loves. singer, because he composed it when his mother informed him of the death of her friend.

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