The Humble Business With Which Andres Garcia Survived After Quitting Acting

Andres Garcia makes a living from a simple business

Andres García has been a trend after the ingestion of banned substances, suffering terrible illness due to medical orders, in addition to the fact that there is now a rivalry between his children and his wife Margarita Portillo for health and care. The actor recovers following complications in his health.

Besides the fact that the juicy legacy of the actor includes Andres Garcia, as his children want to keep everything after years of enmity with the actor, his fans are angry that they didn’t see him when he was better. And he found little help in resorting to this occupation to survive.

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Well, it is that Andres García spent all that he generated during many years of work and most of his fortune was invested in his properties and after leaving television he had to resort to open his YouTube channel, where He has 100,000 subscribers and it is estimated that he gets around 20,000 pesos a month to stay off television.

Properties of Andres Garcia

The actor has a net worth of $10 million, which is roughly equivalent to 200 million pesos, invested in properties such as “El Castillo” located in Mexico City and “El Paraíso” located in Acapulco Guerrero, where he is married to Andres García. lives.

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