The Humble Mansion In Which Vicente Fernandez Jr Will Live After Leaving His Legacy

Vicente Fernandez Jr. has a mansion after leaving his legacy

Vicente Fernandez Jr. is back in the news after saying that he had given up on an inheritance that his father had left him, we know that Jr.’s life had several moments of scandal such as his kidnapping and his various failed romances and marriages. Were okay. The Fernandez family cares a lot about their interests and they want to protect their son.

He is currently in an affair with Mariana Padilla, known as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian” for her great physical attractiveness, but the family of Vicente Fernandez Jr. believes that their love is out of pure interest and by declaring it That there will be a wedding soon, they have decided. Let him decide between the sword and the wall, between his inheritance or his courtship.

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After choosing the love of his fiancée, Vicente Fernandez resorts to his Plan B, a mansion in which he will relinquish his inheritance, which is located in Guadalajara and is 6,458 square feet and is distributed over two floors. Is. There are four bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, hall, kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, living room, main room, cellar among other luxuries.

The house where Vicente Fernandez Jr moved in

How much does Vicente Fernandez Jr’s mansion cost?

Said property, which was put up for sale a few months ago for more than half a million dollars, is estimated to be worth about 15 million pesos, but after not selling it, it will be Vicente Fernandez Jr.’s plan B. his father’s legacy.

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