The humiliating condition Shakira imposed on Gerard Piqué that defines her future with her children

it’s been about a week shakira why Gerard Piqué After they met to reach an agreement for custody of their little ones, the former couple had no contact except for a chance encounter at a baseball game in Milan and which was fraught with controversy, with an alleged obscenity passed by Barranquillaera to his ex-partner. Signature against. However, recently the media revealed new information about the negotiations and a Offensive Situation compared to colombian imposed in Catalan and which define Future with them sons,

During that last meeting which lasted more than 12 hours in the mansion of the interpreter of ‘Monotonia’ in Barcelona; Gerard Piqué They had to sign a custody agreement as well as sign a series of demands in the separation agreement sons, However, the medium ‘Informalia’ published the most important condition in the said document, which aims to seek the well-being of Milan and Sasha, now that shakira go to miami with them but it’s a little Offensive for former footballer

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