The Incredible Story Behind Carla Souza’s Diving Into “The Fall”

Since it arrived on Amazon Prime Video on November 11, “fall” It has become one of the favorite movies of the streaming platform; And how not to be, if he narrates mariel’s storyA seasoned professional diver who wants to fulfill her dream of participating in the Olympic Games, but everything takes a radical turn when her coach is accused of misconduct. Undoubtedly a plot that captivates the public, but apart from the events narrated, we tell you the truth behind the diving scenes. carla souzaWho gives life to the hero.

Next, the hard work and constant training that the actress went through to play the lead character, which did not require doubles when she jumped into the pool.

In “The Fall”, Carla Souza didn’t hesitate to train hard to go diving (Photo: Prime Video)

Carla Souza preparing to dive into “La Cada”

Throughout the story, we see how Muriel makes incredible dives, something that was undoubtedly achieved thanks to the great preparation of Carla Souza, who did not want other people to take her place in said scenes., For this reason, he worked hard all the time to become a professional athlete.

Precisely, on November 10, a day before the premiere, Ana Laura Rascón, an Amazon executive in Mexico, uploaded a video to her TikTok account, where she shows all the training of Histrionics, with which she gave the following description: “And Carla Souza dived? ‘Well…”,

How was the preparation for Carla Souza?

Lucia Penzo, the director of “La Caida,” revealed the preparation time for Souza, who is also the film’s producer. “It took this woman 10 years to be able to film this movie, with a drive I’ve rarely seen; and underwent three years’ training as a diver. Carla threw herself from 10 meters and did crazy things that the producers and directors were scared of and we had to stop her because she was ready for anything.he told GQ magazine on Nov. 7.

Carla Souza also mentioned this issue in the same interview. “I taught him that there are all kinds of bruises and injuries in training. The first time I went to training I saw they put ice on my back and I didn’t understand until I jumped for the first time. and felt the strain on my back; and I really understand and respect the sacrifices these athletes make because that’s their life: they live in the pool and train; and that’s what we wanted to portray, that’s why Mariel His hair is always wet, his skin smells of chlorine and we, the divers, were able to figure it all out.,

In another interview with Time Out, Souza explained that he wakes up at 5:00 a.m. every day to train, then he goes to the pool and works out all day. “It also helped in getting the emotional part that my character required. I have to admit that I felt supported by the entire production.accurate.

the moment the hero falls into the pool "decline" (Photo: Prime Video)

The moment the protagonist falls into the pool in “The Fall” (Photo: Prime Video)

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