The International Space Station revs its orbit to avoid colliding with space debris

The space debris that orbits our planet is increasing and there are many astronomers who criticize how it affects their exploration and study of what is beyond. Recently, the International Space Station (ISS) Modify its height to avoid colliding with these debris.

The news is made known by the Russian space agency Roscosmos via its Telegram channel: “The Monday, October 17, 2022 The orbit of the International Space Station was corrected to avoid colliding with space debris.

To carry out this operation to raise the ISS to a higher orbit, propellants from the cargo ship had to be used. Progress MS-20. These are located in the Zvezsdá module which is part of the Russian section of the space station.

“After the maneuver, the average altitude of the ISS orbit increased by 1,750 m and remained 417.9 kms. In”, estimates Rokosmos. The maneuver lasted only 630.8 seconds with the Progress engine moving the platform one meter per second.

Russian agency claims that in August 2021 there were over 7,000 tons In orbit around the perimeter of space debris. Estimated data indicate that every day between 3 and 10 warnings of the approach of Russian spacecraft with potentially dangerous objects are issued by automatic collision avoidance systems.

The company made its first business trip into space last year.

The first component to make up the station was launched in 1998 and in the year 2000 it began receiving astronauts to study space. since, The ISS has changed its orbit 327 times. And the Russian booster has helped do it 176 times.

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