The James Webb Space Telescope Captures a Stunning Image of the Pillars of Construction

Photographed by the James Webb Space Telescope with its Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) pillars of construction, a part of the Eagle Nebula that Hubble had already captured. The new image shows this spatial objective in more detail, which will allow a better study of the area.

The pillars of construction have the word ‘pillar’ in their name due to their enormous magnitude. really, prone to gas and dust Whose size is light years long.

The bright, reddish dots visible on the sides of the pillars would be stars only a few million years old. Meanwhile, the red lines running through the pillars are stars in formation, that is, gas balls that are being produced and colliding with dust and gasEnergetic hydrogens make molecules that glow.

The Eagle Nebula measures approximately 70 light years by 55 light years in total and It is about 6,500 light years away from Earth, The part that experts call the Pillars of Creation is about 5 light years long.

The existence of the nebula was learned in 1745, however, in 1995 the Hubble Space Telescope allowed the world to see the amazing pillars that were part of it. Later, this telescope captured the site again in 2014, But not as fast as NASA’s new tool has done.

The dark brown colors seen in the Hubble image now appear bright and orange on the web. In addition, the final image shows stars encircling the region, whereas the previous image had a more blurred background. The reasons for these changes areWebb technology uncovers hydrogen atoms in gas and passes through thick clouds of gas and dust.

It has been successfully tested.

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