The job that Angela Aguilar would leave music and modeling for

Angela Aguilar Found a New Face She’s Passionate About

Angela Aguilar has become one of the most popular singers in Mexican music. At the age of 19, she has demonstrated her great talent and has established herself as one of the public’s favourites, surprising millions of her fans with every step. fan. The fans that he has, because it seems that he wants to pass on the legacy left by his grandmother, Flor Silvestre.

We have seen Angela Aguilar in various aspects challenging herself in every decision in her short but successful career, recently we have seen her as a model, businesswoman and singer where it seems impossible that one day She might quit music but recently she said that she might quit everything for a reason.

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It was through one of her vlogs on the internet when Angela Aguilar said she could drop everything for some birria tacos, yes although you can’t believe it, they went to some tacos in Los Angeles Reaching a taco stand where they are not very common, the singer went to the kitchen and ate some tacos where she joked that she would leave Cantada to become a taco maker.

The New Side of Angela Aguilar

Angela Aguilar’s business

As we have already said, in the life of Angela Aguilar there are aspects in which she challenges herself, and one of them is as a business woman where she has decided to launch for sale her official products called All her fans can buy are accessories, bags, clothing, perfume and even a miniature doll of the singer.

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