The kitchen habit that Lady Di inherited from Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II can’t stand

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Princess Diana it was without a doubt One of the most beloved characters of British royalty And also one of the most controversial. Twenty-five years after his death, he is still remembered as An exemplary woman who wanted to break many age old traditions and protocols That the monarchy is needed.

Those who had the opportunity to be with her describe her as a generous, easygoing and fun-loving woman who didn’t care what anyone had to say and always laid down her rules before those of the royal family. The family told him.

with simple habits Lady Di was always close to the people, she tried to break down the barrier that has been built around royalty. For example, professional chef Darren Magradoo once said that the famous Princess of Wales would contact him whenever he had the chance to cook so they could chat while she tasted his food, according to the MiuKitchen site. gave information.

it is Lady Dee’s curious habit will lead to serious discussions with Queen Elizabeth IIBecause it was always very important to her that royal protocol be respected, as well as order and space be respected by every member of royalty as well as the staff at the palace.

Years later and once Princess Diana died, all seemed at peace with Queen Elizabeth, however, to her surprise, Kate Middleton not being royalty properly and in his attempt to be close to the people who surrounds him in the palace, She adopted the same habit as her husband’s mother, Prince William and her brother-in-law Harry, which is why she always prefers to eat at the kitchen counter and receive her guests there, something that undoubtedly led to serious conversations with the late monarch.

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