The latest Roomba includes a mop on the end (and can lift itself to avoid wet carpets)

iRobot Corp Combo J7+ is introduced, the robot The most advanced vacuum cleaner and mop of the moment With the update of iRobot OS 5.0 (the operating system that gives intelligence to the device).

The new Roomba Combo j7+ vacuums and mops, saving time and keeping floors tidy at the same time. this function is possible thanks cloth that lifts over the robot When it gets on rugs and rugs, keep them from getting wet.

Thanks to iRobot’s operating system, the Roomba Combo j7+ will get smarter over time because Will automatically download new features as updated. That way, when improvements are developed, the robot will receive them automatically.

Roomba Combo J7+

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600 voice commands

Recognition given by vacuum cleaner Expands cleaning possibilities using voice commandsAlso, a fluid movement avoids obstacles.

There are new recommendations for establishing ‘cleaning zones’ in the visual terminology of iRobot OS, thanks to the intelligent mapping ‘Imprint Smart Mapping’ and the mop ‘Braava Jet M6’.

both features can Find and recommend work areas Around dishwashers, toilets, ovens, pet bowls, cords, solid waste, slippers and clothing.

Roomba Combo J7+ Understands about 600 voice commandsDetects when the cloth is in place and the water tank is full, and the ‘Clean Base’ self-emptying station empties away dirt and debris that collects in a closed bag (with 60 days to replace it). is not required).

Roomba Combo J7+
Roomba Combo J7+

robot vacuum cleaner

clean some areas

other thing, Users can customize their ‘Smart Map’ by designating ‘Cleaning Zones’Likewise, Alexa or Google Assistant are useful for ordering house cleanings by voice.

also possible leave a room during cleaning To avoid unwanted interruptions. If the user presses the ‘skip’ button in the iRobot Home app or uses voice with Alexa, the vacuum will bypass the room it’s currently cleaning and move on to the next one.

Roborock Died.

Prices and Availability

Roomba Combo j7+ will be available in Spain from 4 october In the following link.

  • Roomba combo j7+: 999 euros.
  • Roomba combo j7: 799 euros.

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