The latest to save the bill is a graphene radiator from Xiaomi that heats up in 3 seconds

Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer known for its smartphones and other devices that are surprisingly cheap thanks to the latest technology. One of the most recent devices presented by the brand that A heater with functions that make it smart And it’s made of graphene.

is about ‘Mijia Graphene Baseboard Heater’ And Xiaomi makes sure that the device starts giving heat continuously Within 3 seconds of power on. According to its developers, the reason the radiator warms up is its 2,200-watt power and it saves money on the bill, as it takes less time to heat the room.

Too, MIJIA can dampen the environment So that the room doesn’t dry out, something that usually happens when we use radiators to raise the temperature. In this way, users will be able to maintain good air, but without freezing.

The company highlights that users can set the temperature between 16 and 28 degrees on the device and will ensure that it remains stable throughout the day.

The radiator has a locking system to prevent children from turning it on.
The radiator has a locking system to prevent children from turning it on.

The MIJIA is waterproof, so it can be used in environments that are usually humid at home, such as bathrooms. But it’s not only designed to be placed in bathrooms, it can also be in corners where a child may have access, as it has a blocking system to prevent burns.

According to Gemserv, smart thermostats are the most economical way to save money and energy.

The graphene radiator is compatible with the Xiaomi Home app from China. Why only with country of origin? Because at the moment, it can only be purchased there and in fact, it is unknown whether it will be released elsewhere. Thanks to the application, lucky people who can buy the product, Can use XiaoAI voice assistant To set up the radiator without using your hands.

Its price in yen is equal to about 120 euros, Considering that the device is something new and is useful for heating homes, now that winter is approaching, this price is very affordable, meeting one of the features for which Xiaomi stands out.

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