The little known work that Shakira does with Prince William

Shakira and Prince William collaboration

Shakira is one of the most influential Latin artists in the world, recently she has become a trend after all the speculation about her breakup with her ex-partner Gerard Pique after being unfaithful, something similar in Prince William’s family exactly his Happened to Mother Lady. Di and his father King Carlos.

You have to wonder what these two celebrities from completely different worlds have to do, as one belongs to royalty and has some other assignments though she appears in shows, while Shakira is a woman who is involved in show business and shows. Used to being in business. But coincidentally the two work together.

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Well, believe it or not, Shakira works closely with Prince William, one of the objectives of these two celebrities is to take care of the environment, as Shakira belongs to the Earthshot Council where they want to finance the said campaign and the royal The members showed great interest and even received an invitation to visit Colombia.

Shakira has made millions since leaving Pique

Shakira has gained a lot of popularity since the news of her partner’s infidelity, where she has released a couple of songs titled “I congratulate you” and “Monotonia”, where she has sparked huge speculations that she is dating her ex-partner Pike. But best of all, it has turned a millionaire profit of over $10 million.

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