The love of Humberto Zurita apart from Christian Bacho

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recently Humberto Zurita talks about his relationship with Stephanie Salas. And it is speculation that love arose between them after the capture of the airport in Mexico City, although the couple did not respond to questions from the press at the time.

The actress’ mother Sylvia Pascal confirmed Celebrities’ love affairs, stating that they are happy For his daughter’s new courtship, as he considers the 68-year-old actor a great man.

“It’s nice that my daughter has a person like her,” mentioned. “I guess no mother would be bothered by having that son-in-law,” He added.

Christian Bach’s widower and weary of questions made a poignant revelation on the Maxine Woodside program: “You ask me what’s going on with Stephanie Salas, the only thing I’m going to tell you is … Make love, the period is ready, and the rest you write what you want, put what you want, ”explained the father of Emiliano and Sebastian Zurita.

His love after Christian Bacho

The pair of actors have been good friends for many years and are currently also working on the third season of “The Queen of the South”. Although the pair of actors have always defended their friendship since the death of Christian Bach in February 2019, Kika dgar has been unconditionally supporting Zurita, regardless of rumors of an extramarital affair, as the actress is currently playing Playa Married to the member of Limbo, Jorge Corrales. ,

Rebecca of Albas And Humberto Zurita has always been very discreet with his personal life, which is why the statement from Univision journalist Ines Moreno, who assured on his official Instagram account, that the actor and host has given each other a new opportunity in love, has been surprising. Have given. .. Although this rumor did not spread.

His Greatest Love: Christian Child

After six years of courtship, on February 3, 1986 christian bacho And Humberto Zurita arrived at the altar in the Church of San Agustin in Polanco and caused a stir, as they were one of the most beloved couples in the artistic world. In fact, on their wedding day, there was an uproar outside the church, as the actors in the narrative starred together in the telenovela Pure Blood, one of the most successful melodramas of all time.

The couple had two children, actors Sebastian and Emiliano Zurita, with whom they made many trips, moved to Miami, and the couple’s artistic career was on the rise. There was a major turning point in the life of the family until 2019 when Christian Bach died of heart failure.

before christian bachchan

Before Humberto Zurita and Christian Bach began a romantic relationship, the actor had a four-year affair with fellow actress Rebecca Jones, and although it was thought at the time that the couple would reach the altar, this ultimately did not happen.

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