The love of Sebastian Rulli, who ended up struggling to stay in the world of life

Sebastian Rully

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When you think of Sebastian Rully at the moment in the entertainment world, you immediately associate yourself with the name of your partner, Angelique Bauer. They are undoubtedly a perfect example of a fictional couple that moved on in real life and many are envious of their relationship.

Certainly those who are his ex-partners, because apart from his physical attractiveness, he has proven immense success in his professions and most of his personal decisions. In fact, there is one star who would definitely want to return to the moment she was with Sebastian.

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Sebastian Rulli’s love that would make life impossible for the angelic boy

The end of Sebastian Rully and Angelique’s love is near and all for one man

This woman had an unexpected love affair with Rully, but from there, his life took a complete turn, ending up in the hospital and on the verge of a ditch.

Danna Garcia was Sebastian Rulik’s love

This all happened in the telenovela ‘Un Hook to the Heart’, where she was the heroine of ‘Valentina’, and Rulli became his love interest ‘Mauricio’. It was in fiction, but in real life, García faced a tragedy while recording a soap opera, as a horse fell on him and he was hospitalized for a week due to injuries.

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