The Luxurious Mansion In Which Lucero Lives As A Queen, Thanks To Carlos Slim

Lucero lives a dream life with Carlos Slim’s nephew

Lucero is one of the public’s spoiled actresses who began her career when she was a girl in shows such as “Chiquiladas”, starring in Mexican films such as Pedro Fernández, Luis Miguel and Manuel Mijares, as well as a great There was also pop music. Singer., Ranchera, Ballad among others baptized as “America’s Bride”.

Apart from the fact that Lucero has starred in several important and representative soap operas on Mexican television in her role as an actress that marked her career, however, there are also some uncomfortable and embarrassing moments in her life, such as Separation from her husband Manuel Mijares to be related to a nephew of tycoon Carlos Slim, whom they attribute to the luxurious mansion in which he lives.

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This is a mansion in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami, it has all kinds of amenities like sauna, spa, sports court, gym, movie theater among few other luxuries, Lucero property is valued at $7 million, approx 140 million The Mexican peso, a luxury given to the “Bride of America”.

Lucero’s luxurious estate

Lucero and Mijares pretend to be apart

Despite parting ways for the sake of their children, the two singers have decided to stay away from a wall and have something to talk about after recently embarking on a journey together that has led their fans to think it was Lucero’s part. It’s only a hoax. And Mijares because they seem to be more in love than ever.

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