The luxury that Pedro the Infant had is now worth millions of pesos and everyone wants it

Pedro the Infant gave up a luxury everyone now needs

Pedro Infante was one of the great idols of Mexican music and cinema, he was one of the rising stars in our country and was even considered to make a film in international cinema, which no longer happened, But without a doubt it is one of the greatest idols to be remembered with his most iconic hits to this day.

We know that one of Pedro Infante’s biggest hobbies was airplanes, because it seems he liked adrenaline, but his hobbies are motorcycles and cars, he had many motorcycles all his life but this time it was in them One of which has been claimed by many celebrities.

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This is a 1955 Harley-Davidson Panhead 55-FLE-5204 engine that was one of the motorcycles that Pedro Infante delivered and is now claimed by celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone and Mexican tycoon Ricardo Salinas Plego, who paid millions of pesos for it. has offered. piece, but its owner does not want to sell it.

Everyone wanted a Pedro Infante motorcycle

How much crore has been offered for Pedro Infant’s motorcycle?

It is said that for the luxurious Harley Davidson they have offered 10 million pesos for the motorcycle, as the said piece was moved to the Pedro Infant Museum in Guamchil, Sinaloa in 2019, but its owner did not want to sell the motorcycle and Rejected Millionaire Offer.

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