The man who dared to reject Angelique Boyer

angelique boyer

Angelique Boyer is one of the most talented women on the small screen; He became a star from a very young age, thanks to his participation in the successful soap opera Rebelde, in which he played the role of Vico. Her big break was then given to her by producer Alberto Castro in a production called Teresa, where she shared the screen for the first time with her current partner, Sebastián Rulli.

But Colombian Daniel Arenas also participated in this telenovela; with whom he had great on-screen chemistry; which made him reconsider it for another novel under the same circumstances; It is about a production called “Tres Ves Ana”, where Sebastian Rulli will also star.

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And although at first he said yes, he later had to decline: “Angelique Nesma called me for the novel with Angelique and Sébastien and asked me if I would like to work there even if I wasn’t the lead and I said yes. , but the company didn’t allow me because I wasn’t the protagonist and I have a signed agreement,” he explained in an interview.

He refused to work with Angelique Boyer

But rumors at the time actually claimed they had a feud, or problems with the love triangle as Sebastian and Daniel competed for Angelique’s affections in fictional storylines.

Daniel Arenas and Angelique Boyer

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