The man who showed Pablo Lyle more love and affection than his wife

pablo lyle

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Pablo Lyle is just days away from learning the sentence that could completely mark his life and of course when that time comes, he will need all the support possible, even from afar. However, Lyle may receive more support, love, and affection from a particular star than from his wife, as might be assumed.

This is Luis Gatica, an actor who became iconic for his roles as a soap opera villain, and who came out in defense of Lyle, not even his wife Ana Araujo to come out to defend him. : “It is very sad what is happening to him. Going through Pablo, I can’t even imagine what it will be like. Everything has happened to him, he made a mistake and I am sure that he will be in this Didn’t want to kill the person.”

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He wasn’t the only star who came out to advocate for Lyle, but he would have been the most powerful, as he also said that Pablo was not the one who took Juan Hernandez’s life. This is because what happened to Lyle left him in a coma and his fate was decided by the victim’s family.

When will Lyle’s punishment be known?

Despite Luis Gatica’s arguments, Lyle is just days away from knowing his sentence, as the final verdict will be announced on November 14 and it is speculated that the final sentence could be another 9 to 15 years.

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