The Meaning of Rick Grimes’ Brown and Orange Jacket in “The Walking Dead” Finale

Great Final Day “The Walking Dead” left many memorable moments. expected in Rick Grimes and Michonne return which were part of an epilogue that prepares us for the next Spin-off of the couple.

character played by Andrew Lincoln He returned for a few minutes and thanks to his presence, he gave us some hints as to what happened to his character after his long absence.

Do you want to know more about it? Know further the meaning of brown and orange jacket Rick Grimes At the end of AMC series “The Walking Dead”.

Jacket who appeared as Rick Grimes in the finale of “The Walking Dead”

in the final epilogue of “The Walking Dead”we see a Rick Grimes Barefoot and wearing jeans. He is dirty after an escape attempt foiled by a helicopter.

It also highlights the fact that it uses a Brown and orange jacket with the emblem of three interlocking circles, This is part of a uniform we already saw in the second production of the franchise: “The Walking Dead: World Beyond”.

The jacket in which Rick Grimes appeared in the finale of “The Walking Dead” (Photo: AMC)

What Do We Learn From “The Walking Dead: World Beyond”?

in the series “The Walking Dead: World Beyond”, We found that the sacrificial centers are Military Civil Republic (CRM)An advanced civilization of 200,000 survivors who live safely behind the fortress walls.

Mass zombie executions are carried out in these centers, clearing entire kingdoms of walkers. Also, their workers wear jackets like they wear Potato At the end of “twd” why They use three-edged sticks.

He is tasked with attracting walkers with music and lights. Afterwards, they blow up the site with explosives, clear the debris, and remove parts of the site.

Abattoir workers in the series “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” (Photo: AMC)

What Does Rick Grimes’ Brown And Orange Jacket Mean At The End Of “The Walking Dead”?

before the end of “The Walking Dead”last time we saw Rick Grimes Was Then ex stokes After rescuing his family, he was found seriously injured. thus, him interlocking circle symbol And we didn’t hear any more about him.

So, the latest episode of the series revealed that Potato was not dead and was taken to labor at a slaughter facility Citizen Republic Armyas his jacket and his gun are the same than that used by the workers in the centres.

This explains the reason why our hero did not return home: he was taken prisoner and remained so for some years. In this context, whenever he got a chance, he tried to run away.

it is worth specifying that jacket badge symbolizes the three established communities that founded crm And they are interconnected.

in rick's last episode "the walking dead" (Photo: AMC)

Rick in the final episode of “The Walking Dead” (Photo: AMC)

More About “The Walking Dead”

“The Walking Dead” Data Sheet

  • original title: “The Walking Dead”
  • gender: Horror, Drama & Science Fiction
  • based on: “The Walking Dead” (graphic novel by Robert Kirkman)
  • creator: Frank Darabont
  • Edition: Julius Ramsay, Hunter M. Via, Avi Eubian, Dan Liu, Nathan Gunn, Rachel Goodlett Katz and Kelly Dixon
  • the creator: Jolly Dale, Caleb Womble, Paul Gadd and Heather Belson
  • Manufacturer Company: Idiot Box Productions, Circle of Confusion, Skybound Entertainment, Valhalla Entertainment and AMC Studios
  • Release Date: 31 October 2010
  • country of origin: America
  • Actual language: English
  • season’s: 1 1
  • Episode: 170
  • Episode Length: 42 – 67 minutes
  • Broadcast Medium: AMC Y Star+

Why Did Rick Grimes Smile At The End Of “The Walking Dead”?

In the final episode of “The Walking Dead”, Rick Grimes appears under uncertain circumstances: He has a long beard, is wearing a CRM jacket and is barefoot. at one point, heA helicopter arrives, which we believe belongs to her kidnappers.But instead of looking worried, he smiles.

one of the following Series Executive Producer, Scott M. Gimple, Explained why the character made such a gesture. in an interview with Entertainment WeeklyTold Rick still has the strength to fight and hasn’t given up hope., More details here.

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