The mechanism behind heat pumps and aerothermal energy: how they work so they’re cheap

After a delay the cold has come to stay in Spain and we are able to spend a less breezy October in some areas of the country. Now is the time to turn on the heating and homes have different systems, such as Aerothermal energy or heat pump in general, Whether out of curiosity or you want to replace the air conditioning equipment in your home, we at 20BITS teach you the difference between the two.

heat pump

The technology used in heat pumps is similar to the technology used in refrigerators or air conditioners. its operation consists of remove heat from a sourcesuch as geothermal energy from the surrounding air or ground and extend it and move it where it’s needed, This process is particularly useful and economical for conventional heating, such as boilers or electric heaters.

Graph showing the air conditioning process of a heat pump.
Graph showing the air conditioning process of a heat pump.

This system can be used for both air conditioning systems (cold pump) and heating devices, making it quite versatile. as well as energy External, free and sustainable sources.

There are different types of heat pumps depending on where the energy is extracted: from air, water or soil. For its operation, the following elements are necessary:

  • a compressor: Converts electrical energy and increases the pressure of the refrigerant fluid.
  • a capacitor: Condenses the refrigerant, which passes from gaseous state to liquid along the heat exchanger.
  • An expansion valve: This generates a higher pressure drop and thus, lowers the temperature to produce expansion of the refrigerant fluid.
  • an evaporator: The refrigerant evaporates, the heat is absorbed and the process starts over again.

Users can also control their system remotely, from an app, or with voice commands.

on erothermia

This is another type of renewable energy that is used heat energy is already in the air And transfers it to the interior of the house. Thus, it provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

In this sense, aerothermal energy is a kind of heat pump, extracted from the air. However, there is alsohydrothermal (extracts heat from water) and geothermal (from the earth). The renewable energy obtained thanks to aerothermal energy is captured by an exchanger and an external environmental fan.

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