The message Putin gave to Elon Musk in a private conversation scares the West about the war in Ukraine

The richest man in the world and the head of Tesla, Elon MuskHad a private conversation with the Russian President, Vladimir Putinin which he would have told him that he would use nuclear weapon To defend the annexed territories of Ukraine.

According to Vice NewsMusk reportedly told geopolitical analyst and head of Eurasia Group consultancy, Ian Bremerthat Putin was determined to win his war in Ukraine “no matter what” In a private conversation held a few weeks ago in an attempt at a peaceful mediation by the tycoon. That’s how Bremer picked it up for subscribers in his newsletter.

In that conversation, Putin would have told Musk that he was “ready to negotiate” a peace deal with Ukraine. The condition is that Crimea be recognized as part of Russia,

Even then, Elon Musk has denied To talk with Vladimir Putin about the possible use of nuclear weapons, before presenting a peace plan that suggested Ukraine hand over territory to Russia.

According to Bremer, who reported the matter Too In a tweet, Musk would have transferred what were red lines of the kremlin,

“I’m writing my weekly newspaper on geopolitics for 24 years. I write honestly without fear or favour, and this week’s update was no different.”

Bremer concluded, “I have long admired Musk as a unique world-changing entrepreneur and have publicly said so. He is not an expert on geopolitics.”

When asked on Twitter what’s the news?Vice News was true, Musk himself has replied that no and added that He only spoke to Putin once and that conversation happened 18 months ago, The topic he talked about, he assured, was space and not the war in Ukraine.

controversial survey

On October 3, Musk sparked global outrage by tweeting a similar proposal, suggesting that Crimea was quintessentially Russian and that fake referendums in the four other occupied Ukrainian provinces should be under UN supervision.

Musk poses to his followers a Survey on a possible peace deal between Ukraine and Russia Based on four principles: “Repeat elections in annexed territories under the supervision of the United Nations. Russia leaves if it is the people’s will; Crimea is formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s fault)” The water supply to Crimea is secure, and Ukraine remains neutral.” According to Musk, this will likely be the end result of the war, and the question will be how many people will die before it happens.

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