The mistake that took Jenny Rivera to the grave

Jenny Rivera

Jenny Rivera better known as “Neighborhood Butterfly” She is one of the greats of the regional genre, her performances making her one of the most beloved artists in the medium, as she was one of the few women to perform this type of music.

She tragically left this world in a plane crash, but before leaving, Jenny experiences a betrayal that came from her own family, and is believed to be his eldest daughter. Chiquis Riviera Esteban Loiza, who was Jenny’s husband, may have had an affair.

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It must have been discovered via an email that never revealed who sent it, but this turned Jenny and her daughter away, and it could not be determined because the “diva of the band” spoke to her again. Didn’t. daughter; and did not confirm whether this was true.

Jenny dies thinking she has been betrayed by her own daughter

However, it is believed that this relationship was not true and, on the contrary, it would have been a ploy used by Jenny’s sister Rossi to sabotage the relationship between mother and daughter, and thereby control those companies. more likely than what was his. “Neighborhood Butterfly”. This was confirmed by Chiquis when she said in an interview that only her aunt could speak to Jenny, and as much as she asked the audience to clarify the matter with her mother, this never happened.

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