The next BTS member to enter mandatory military service has been revealed

army, official fan of bts, and various media are speculating about the possible and next member of the group who will join forces to fill their compulsory military service. and no it’s not about Suga.

Rumors of the next member being drafted into compulsory military service that rule South Korea They emerged through a simple interview. and in this case it is RM.

The talented rapper and leader of BTS was the special guest on the first chapter of the talk show Doubt called ‘convenience’ After drinking a few glasses of wine and eating something, the idols talked about the creative process behind “Indigo”, first disc of RM.

There, the artist revealed what has begun to fuel the rumor mill of her nomination. And it is that RM confirmed that he is processing everything to be released from his mandatory military service for the beginning of the year 2025, so you have to recruit in the beginning 2023 so that you can accomplish what you want.

army In social network They are quick to confirm that RM will be the next member to enter military service and not Suga as initially believed.

Allegedly, Doubt He will not do a specific military service, but will do an active civilian service, because thanks to his shoulder operation in 2020, he will be free from military duties like being an active soldier in the army.

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