The number of leaked phone numbers on WhatsApp has come down to 360 million

A file containing nearly 500 million WhatsApp user phone numbers from around the world appeared for sale on a ‘darknet’ forum a few days ago, although it has been analyzed Cyber ​​security company Check Point has reduced this figure to 360 million,

The company has analyzed files related to users’ data WhatsApp that appeared on the BreachForum hacking community forum last 16 november,

The person who published it confirmed that it contains 487 million mobile telephone numbers of users of this service metaof which Nearly 11 million corresponded to users in Spain,

Now Check Point has confirmed it These are “active telephone numbers”, reducing the number to 360 millionUsers from 108 countries, as detailed in a press release detailing the difference Cyber ​​security,

pace a Does not contain information about the content of messages exchanged by usersCheck Point Software’s technical director for Spain and Portugal, Eusebio Nieva, explains that this is “a massive violation of a popular mobile application Used by millions of people around the world.

The company states that applicationincluding international dialing codes, went on sale for the first time in the last four daysand are being distributed freely among cybercriminal networks.

Cyber ​​criminals try to gain the trust of users in order to get money.

“One of the immediate consequences of this breach is the potential for those numbers to be used as part of hacking attacks. phishing Tailored through the app itself”, especially through SMS, known as ‘smishing’ and voice calls or ‘vishing’,

For this reason, the company urges WhatsApp users to “To be very attentive and careful about the messages they receive Clicking on any link and message shared on applicationNeva warns.

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