The only woman who made Queen Elizabeth II crazy, the reason will surprise you

Queen Elizabeth II jealous of woman close to Felipe

Queen Elizabeth II was one of the most important figures in the world, with millions of people interested in knowing her life and the secrets she held during her 70-year reign, revealed over time after her death. Some of them but today we will tell you about the woman who made the British emperor jealous.

We all know that the British monarch was married to Philip of Edinburgh, with whom she had children, we know that Queen Elizabeth II also had some extreme measures and rules with the prince but this did not include that Philip was friends There could have been, and this was one of them that enraged the Queen of England.

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It is about Philip’s best friend of Edinburgh, who was even called his lover, named Penny Brabourne, who was his confidante for many years until the day of his murder, although it is not known. Was that Queen Elizabeth II knew. And she was only jealous but in no way opposed to their laws and rules.

Penny Bourne The Woman Who Made Queen Elizabeth II Jealous

Why is it said that he was her lover?

In the fifth season of the Netflix-produced series known as “The Crown”, Penny Brabourne, Prince Philip of Edinburgh who was her best friend, and in one episode you can see Philip as his best friend. How to proceed together It did not go beyond that conflagration and nothing else in the series, although it is not known what the reality was.

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