The Orion spacecraft performs one of its most important maneuvers today: entering remote retrograde orbit

Orion has already been in the air for more than a week and is not expected to return to Earth’s atmosphere until December 11. Meanwhile, the Artemis I mission continues and Spacecraft “continues to move away from the Moon as it prepares to enter a distant retrograde orbit,” confirms NASA.

The US space agency expects Orion to reach its maximum distance from Earth’s natural satellite today, November 25. as mentioned in a statementship successfully repaired Its sixth departure trajectory tomorrow at 22:52 (Spanish time)An important step to reach here.

This insertion ignition is, according to NASA, the second and final stage needed to propel Orion into a stable orbit and will allow “minimum fuel consumption” While traveling around the Moon”. The ship will be located approximately 50,000 miles from the satellite, which is equal to 80,467.2 kilometers.

Since last night and for 24 hours, engineers have been running Feedback Control System engine tests to analyze engine performance for standard and non-standard engine configurations. “It will provide data to inform and ensure testing procedures” Such thrusters could control Orion’s orientation in an alternate configuration. If there is a problem with the main configuration”.

New image of Orion.

loss of connection

Yesterday’s successful connection doesn’t mean the NASA team is taking things easy. Hours earlier, the Mission Control Center at the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston warned of an unexpected loss of data. Event lasted 47 minutes In which engineers had to reconfigure the communication link between Orion and the Deep Space Network.

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